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Posted to a character journal, because I apparently never joined the OOC comm, and it seems odd to do it just for this.

Alright, guys, you've... well, I'd like think it's been noticed that I haven't been active, in even the most cursory of ways. Well, part of that is that I forgot to look at the OOC comm... ever, so I didn't realize the game had actually started. But, even if I had... life's gotten out of control, a bit. I'm working myself to exhaustion on an all-too-regular basis, and it seems like there's constantly something in real life that needs my attention.

So... I'm going to have to drop.

Not much of a change, except your flists get to be a bit smaller.

Good luck, guys. And may the Force be with you.

Oh god I want to shoot myself for typing that in all seriousness.

Please remove the_little_bee and darth_vitreous from your friends lists.
If you are not a member of bleach_wars, please defriend this journal.
Foraging has, put simply, "gotten old".

Yoruichi-sama should not be forced to eat begged or foraged food.

I require employment. Particularly appealing would be employment that deals with violence, be it on a predictable basis or only as needed. I believe any potential employer would find that I am significant more than qualified.
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I feel...


Quite well.

Though, I do miss Haku-san's company...
Ah, Yoruichi-sama... thank you for the lovely evening.

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(OOC: Soi's now off to soak her face in a bucket of water. She will be blushing FURIOUSLY for the rest of the day. Anyone likely to run into her - notably Haku - can feel free to comment~<3 )
Haku-san, get up against the sturdiest-looking wall one the ground floor! I have a feeling we're in quite a lot of danger. We need a barrier between us and it.
I am... not feeling well today.

I don't believe I'll be leaving the house.

Yes, that's... that's probably best.

(OOC: Soi is soooooo freaked out. Not to mention a bit disgusted with how she looks.)
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He's here. The son of a whore is HERE.

An opportunity? Or...