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Very well... I'll play your little game.

Why have you brought me here?

You have been brought here for the sin of wrath, Soifon~.
Every wrathful action I have ever taken has been within the bounds of the laws of my home. Point in fact, they have largely been for the purpose of the ENFORCEMENT of said laws.

How do you justify this fact with your assertion?
Just because they are your laws do not make them right~. ♥
That is, in fact, EXACTLY what it means. If not by law, what means are people to determine right from wrong? Law is the force which guides the hearts and minds of the people. It IS justice, it IS righteousness, more than any other measure.
There is nothing right in being cruel.
Even when it serves to deter wrongdoing? Isn't that EXACTLY what you are doing here?
We know sympathy that you have not expressed.

There is a time for rules and a time for understanding.

When you know the difference, then you will be free to leave.
The only person I have EVER struck at who deserved sympathy, I SHOWED sympathy to! The others... they were all GUILTY.

(OOC: She is full of shit, and she might even know it XD )
Is that truly what you believe~~?

[ooc: Poor people of Purgatorium and their denial. 8D]
Why wouldn't I? It is CORRECT. I struck down the guilty, for the good of all. My actions should be lauded, not judged.
This is a realisation you will have to reach on your own, Soifon. That is the purpose of you being here and your progress on the matter is entirely up to you~.