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Haku-san, get up against the sturdiest-looking wall one the ground floor! I have a feeling we're in quite a lot of danger. We need a barrier between us and it.
Trust those feelings. Someone has performed a deadly Jitsu. If only...damn. Ground floor it is.
You know the source, then?
Yes. This is Deidara's work.
A man from your world, then?

Does he engage in such wholesale slaughter on a regular basis, or is this the result of some new psychosis?

I am unfamiliar with him, though, it would appear to be both.

You are in no harm?

I am fine. Meaningless minor lacerations. Yourself?

I'll be gathering more information of this outcome.
Hey, you alright down there??? Troublesome and stupid gods, giving Deidara his powers back...
We're fine, for now.

Deidara... this person was responsible for all this destruction?
Yeah, the goddess Medea gave him his powers back for some ridiculous reason.
Foolish. A poor goddess if she cannot even discern such intentions.
You're tellin me. I don't get why they do stupid things like this. Giving all these people back their powers and setting them loose on each other, giving that bastard his powers back after he's made clear his intentions to cause problems. Tch, mendokusee naa... And then this whole gender thing...