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Foraging has, put simply, "gotten old".

Yoruichi-sama should not be forced to eat begged or foraged food.

I require employment. Particularly appealing would be employment that deals with violence, be it on a predictable basis or only as needed. I believe any potential employer would find that I am significant more than qualified.
What is employment?
Are you joking?
Joking... ?
I do not enjoy being toyed with, child. If you have no business with me, then go away.

(OOC: Being grouched at by two of my characters simultaneously! What are the odds?)
Am I a child, or a kitten? I have been called both. Are you a child, too? Or, are you a man or a supreme God?

[ooc; jhfsf ahaha~ 8D I WANT TO BOTHER EVERYONE WITH HER, K.]

A child. Kittens have fur. I rather prefer cats to children, as it were... and you are giving me even more of a reason to.

I am NOT a child. I am a fully-grown adult no matter WHAT Marechiyo may say about my height, and a Shinigami. My people are as close to God as one could hope to become.

(OOC: Strikes unhackable. And she's precious. River lurvs her already. Soi and Weiss? Not so much.)
Kittens have fur? I do not have fur! But I have been called a kitten...

A Shinigami is a God of death! That's what the supreme God of greatness told me!

[ooc; aww~ ahaha, I love River 8D I THINK THEY COULD BE BFF, K]
Gotten old? Foraging is a soldier's best talent, you know, after killing and stabbing.
Perhaps for a foot soldier. A captain, however, should not have to sink to such levels.
I apologize, I'm still merely a foot soldier~
Why are you apologizing? Being a foot soldier is not a sin. One simply expects subsistence to be harsher for them.
Don't act like it was a sincere apology.
Then don't be sarcastic with me, child.
By behavior, I'd say you're the child.
I thought Soifon-taichou already have employment?
As it seems hardly relevant to count the Gotei 13... no. I do not.
Would you like to exterminate monsters?
I can unequivocally answer "yes" to that.

I assume you know of an employer who would wish for just that to be done?

A shop owner Alice might have something to your liking.

ShinRa Corporations is always hiring for people to deal with that. Under the current management, there is a 5AM morning run and obstacle courses involved. Due to recent weather changes, this activity is on hold.

In addition, Kusajishi-fukutaichou is running a Defense Force Program.

I suppose I shall contact ShinRa, then.
We do what we have to.
Ah, yes, of course...

I just hope to improve our quality of life a bit...
As do I. It will come with employment. I need to obtain some myself.
If you... wish to. I had hoped that, should I acquire a good enough job, you would not have to, if you did not wish to...
I should keep busy, it's a good way of getting information.