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To be updated as she pisses off more people.

The Hate column should really be be the biggest, but it's notCollapse )
One night sleeping under a bridge is quite enough, thank you...

I require shelter, and sustenance. The temptation to resort to theft for the latter is not insignificant... however, I am a woman of honor. I offer my services to any who might offer the aforementioned shelter and sustenance.

I cannot believe that I am reduced to this...

(OOC: Strikes hackable)
Where am I? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS? This act cannot be tolerated... I don't know how you were able to abduct a captain of the Gotei 13, but you must know the consequences. IDENTIFY YOURSELF!

This is... this is unacceptable. Fine. If you will not come out, then I will simply have to hunt you down.

If there be any other Shinigami trapped in this... place, then identify yourselves now. I require information and assistance.